Thursday, June 28, 2012


Ok, I realize I kind of abandoned this blog, but I'd like to take it back up again now that I have the time.  First off, as I am now graduated from UNT and looking for my first job, I am going to throw up links to some of my various projects both for the benefit of potential employers and anyone else who thinks they can glean something useful from them or simply wants to play them.

First off here's a few links to some projects contained elsewhere:
- "Salvage", my little top down twin stick shooter for Android available as a premium $0.99 version or an ad supported free version.
- "Rising Nebula Extinction Star Battler: The Final Sin", yeah epic name I know.  This is an XNA project me and a team of 3 others developed as a part of our Software Development II course.  We started with a core "Galaga" style game brought in by one of our team members and adapted it into a much more dynamic system with more realistic physics, over a dozen weapon and shield upgrades, and some basic multiplayer functionality.  You can get the source code to that here.

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